Abigail Williams In The Crucible Essay

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The Salem Witch Trials, as portrayed by The Crucible, were a terrifying and confusing time. It’s hard to say who caused this whole debacle, but it was most likely Abigail Williams. Because of her lies about her involvement with the girls in the forest, or her blatant manipulation of others to pull blame off of herself and onto other. Because of this, and her treachery, the Salem Witch Trials spiralled into the chaos that it is known for today. Without her, the Salem Witch Trials may have been less horrifying than it is known for today, and the town better off. Abigail’s lies have caused many issues, but the lie that not only was she not dancing and conjuring spirits with Tituba and the other girls, but that she was nowhere near the forest where the girls were. Even though she says later to the other girl’s that no one can find out. Although it’s not sure if anyone found out, the reader knows this, and can’t help but think about her involvement in it. Because of this, Abigail should be thought of as a manipulative schemer, and…show more content…
What of the claim that she is all but free from claim of evil. Well, why would she have hid a needle to frame Elizabeth, or that she cried out names of random names of citizens to damn them to deaths at the gallows. She lied, manipulated, and blackmailed her way to innocence, and even got away with all of her uncle’s money. Even though she was singlehandedly the worst party in this situation. So, in conclusion, Abigail is the party in the complete wrong here, and cannot be redeemed. That it was she who caused this horrible event to take place. Through lies, deception, and manipulation, she knew how to, quote, “Save her bacon”. That, if it wasn’t for her, this whole ordeal may not have never happened. That the Salem Witch Trial, according to the Crucible, may not have been as horrifying as it was. That this whole ordeal, was preventable, if one horrible person could have been
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