Abigail Williams Manipulation

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Power Through A Young Girl “It's always times like these when I think of you and I wonder if you ever think of me”(Vanessa Carlton). Abigail Williams, from The Crucible by Arthur Miller, has trouble letting go of John Proctor with whom she had an affair.(ADJ) Even though Proctor is over Abigail, she will stop at nothing to get him back. Abigail Williams uses fear, manipulation, and lies to get what she wants. Abigail Williams uses fear as one of her tactics to get what she wants. Betty Parris, the young daughter of Reverend Parris, is found in the woods committing witchcraft, and tries to play it off by pretending she was in a trance. As a result, Abigail threatens Betty. She raves at Betty because she is not cooperating and knows…show more content…
She controls the situation so that she appears innocent and a victim to the others. To make people look bad and not worthy, Williams puts them in situations where the only way out is to admit to witchcraft. As the trials go on, Elizabeth’s name is mentioned in the court leaving people in awe. Goody Protcor has an honorable name in the village. Abby creates the story that Elizabeth punctures Abby’s side with the needle. When in reality, Abigail stabs herself to make Elizabeth look guilty. Elizabeth was not actually guilty of this, for Abigail saw Mary Warren make the doll in the court and looked at it as an easy way to condemn Elizabeth. Abigail creates a false image leaving the judges apprehensive. Abby plays the game so well that people start to believe her lies. In addition to controlling the story with Elizabeth, Abby also manipulates John. John is Abigail’s lover: “John- I am waiting for you every night.” (Miller 1246). All Abigail wants is to be the replacement. Her love for John is out of the world, and she just wants him to realize that. While john lies awake, in his dingy run down jail cell (AP) Abby proceeds to manipulate him, as if he did not have enough going on his life. He is putting his life on the line (Participial P) to prove to everyone that she is a lying witch. She tells him that this was never her plan and wishes things would have turned out differently. Her master manipulation
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