Abigail Williams Reaction To The Crucible

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Horrible things can happen when power is placed in the wrong hands. I'm positive we all have witnessed power being placed in the hands of an unqualified individual before. A few obvious examples, Germany in the hands of Hitler, America being given to a rich business man painted orange, or a less obvious, just as tragic example; Abigail Williams being granted the lives of innocent people. The Crucible is a play written about the witch trials, and everything that came with it, lies, betrayal, and most unforgettable death. In the play 20 innocent lives were lost and the blood lays on the hands of 17 year old Abigale Williams who's wicked lies caused so much damage. She was given more power than any person ever should and she killed half the town, she was responsible for the witch hunt that went on for 8 long months. innocent people were accused of witch craft and thrown on trial, there only way to live would be to lie; however they believed doing so would damn their soul. For the victim's of Abigale's…show more content…
You might ask, I mean she's just one little girl right? Abigale threatened a group of girls around her age, she said and I quote "let either of you breathe a word, or the edge of a word, or the edge of the edge of a word, about the other things and I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will shudder you." When one of the girls tried to speak the truth Abigail turned the entire court room against the poor girl, convincing everyone that Ms. Marry Warren is a witch. With a little help from her gang of liars she entered Warren in the witch trials with no difficult at all. Then at the end of it all, this toxic twisted manipulative murderer walked away freely with no punishment at all. The Crucible is a story about a young girl who single handedly destroyed a town. The keys of many lives rest in the hands of a twisted young girl, the kingdom started to fall when the Nobel lives of those who refused to lie, dangled from a noose by their
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