Abigail Williams The Crucible Case Study

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Fellow partners, there is a substantial situation in Salem, Massachusetts that has been happening for a week or so. Because of this, someone needs to be prosecuted for the crimes they have done. Unfortunately, there are people being sent to jail and put on trial, but they are innocent. I have seen who caused these situations and that person is Abigail Williams. She can be aggressive and rude to people. She did witchcraft in the forest with Tituba and other girls, had an affair with someone married, and is someone who has dark motives if she is ever angry with someone else. Abigail Williams needs to be brought to trial for not being mature and for the actions she has done, that way anything else could be prevented. From all the trouble caused in Salem, Abigail Williams should be prosecuted. She caused all the chaos and could cause more in the future. She did the forbidden act of witchcraft in the forest with Tituba and the other girls. Not to mention, Abigail was trying to kill Elizabeth Proctor in the process. To do so, Abigail drank blood in the forest and the other girls saw her, then, Betty exclaimed, “You drank blood, Abby! You…show more content…
Then, Abigail, not thinking straight, wonders why John Proctor won’t leave his wife for her and she says, “Oh, I marvel how such a strong man may let a such a sickly wife be - she is blackening my name in the village! She is telling lies about me! She is cold, sniveling woman, and you bend to her! Let her turn you like a -” (23-24). John is married and he doesn’t want to leave Elizabeth. With that said, no one knows what she is capable of doing next. This shows that Abigail is not mature enough to handle certain situations. Abigail Williams should be prosecuted for causing chaos in Salem. She is someone who cannot be trusted and should be on trial for all of her actions. Also, there are rumors about her that could be true, which is another reason why she needs to be
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