Abigail Williams Witchery

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In the old town of Salem, Massachusetts, there lived a very religious and superstitious people. Everyone had to be Christian, and if something went amiss, everything would get out of control. When Abigail Williams and her friends were found dancing around a fire in the black of night in the forest, people began to wonder what could have possibly been the cause and purpose of such wicked ways. The easy, first conclusion was that witchery and the devil were involved. They believed that the Devil had to have caused them to do such evil things, and they wanted to find the source of it. The authorities questioned the girls, and Abigail confessed that the servant Tituba sent her evil spirit upon them, and made them write in the Devil’s book. It only went downhill from there. Soon many were accused, and they would accuse others in order to save their own lives. It only started however,…show more content…
She was soon thrown out however, because John’s wife Elizabeth suspected them of fancying each other. Even though Abby had been sent out on the highroad, she still felt that she was in love with John Proctor. At every opportunity she would try to speak with him and convince him that he loved her too. Proctor however, told her that he would never go down that road again, and his allegiance and love belonged with his wife. This kindled a powerful hatred that Abby had towards Elizabeth that would soon cause much more than a little harm. Once the idea of witchery took deep root into the hearts of the people, many were accused and arrested. Out of the selfishness of her heart, Abigail accused Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft in an attempt to be rid of her so she could have John. She kept telling herself that she was in love with him, and she would use any opportunity to her advantage to be rid of Elizabeth. This however, would not bode well with John. He loved his wife, and would do anything in his power to keep her
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