Abigail's Evil In The Crucible

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First and foremost, one of the most destructive consequences that Abigail’s accusations create is the hangings of harmless beings. This is due to the rotten seed that her claims plant into everyone’s brain. The seed develops into a wicked, twisted weed and skews the visions of everyone in the town, including the people that form the backbone of the court system. Out of fear, the judge and court officials willingly accept Abigail’s allegations even though she does not provide any sufficient evidence. It is absent to the court officials’ knowledge that Abby and her comrades are actually faking the occurrences and visions they claim to have. Consequently, the court officials have confidence in whatever Abigail states, which results in horrible consequences for those convicted of witchcraft. Some of …show more content…

While he is about to be coerced to hand more innocent people their deaths, he decides he has had enough. He tells Danforth, one of the court officials, “Excellency, I have signed seventy-two death warrants; I am a minister of the lord, and I dare not take a life without there be proof…”(Miller 1301). Not only does this statement show that he is wary of the fact that innocent lives are being immorally taken from harmless people, but it also shows the mass destruction that Abigail’s evil has caused. Seventy-two death warrants in a tiny town is not only devastating, but it is also the result of the most calamitous outcome that takes place due to Abigail’s wickedness. Abigail carries this evilness to all extremes because she desires the affections of John Proctor who is, to her disadvantage, a married man. Abigail does everything in her power to push John’s wife, Elizabeth, away so she can have John for herself. One fateful day, Abigail decides that it is time for Elizabeth to leave the picture. She contrives something so mischievous that eventually costs Elizabeth her

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