Abigail's Motivation In The Crucible

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The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller in which multiple people were being convicted of witchcraft without evidence or proof. The Crucible, fear is operating in the witchcraft accusations and the tension between the Salem residents. Abigail’s motivation in the witchcraft testimonies. Today, the well documented horrors of the Salem Witch Trials provide a detailed history for descendants of the many victims,judges,juries,witnesses,and accusers. Some 24 people had died for their supposed involvement during the Salem Witch Trials. Dozen of people had been accused and imprisoned. Such accusations struck terror in the hearts of the townspeople of Salem Village, Massachusetts,in 1692. This source explains how the witch trials was treated…show more content…
She gets accused for forbidden crime witchcraft. She about to be put in jail accused of practicing witchcraft. Abigail blamed her for stabbing a needle in her, using her witch powers. Mary Warren states that Elizabeth was accused,but she defended Elizabeth and the court dismissed the accusation. Elizabeth thinks that Abigail wants to kill her for John because Abigail wants to take her place as his wife. Elizabeth’s loyalty and sympathy are portrayed when she attempts to save her husband’s reputation by lying about his affair. She also proves her loyalty to Proctor, telling a lie to try and protect him although this sadly makes things worse for him. She was determined in what she believed. Elizabeth stated this about witchcraft to Hale “ I cannot think the Devil may own a women’s soul, Mr. Hale, when she keeps an upright way, as I have. I am a good women, I know it; and if you believe I may do only good work in the world, and yet be secretly bound in Satan, then I must tell you, sir, I do not believe it”. Her determination kept her strong throughout the ordeal. She wants his life to be spared but she understands why he feels he cannot tell a lie to save himself. Elizabeth was able to survive the Salem witch-hunts. Soon after Elizabeth stood up for her innocence, other women followed her. Among the last three people to be hanged was her husband, who verbally confessed to being a
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