Abigail's Reputation In The Crucible

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Reputation Preserving one’s reputation is a prevalent theme in The Crucible. Would you rather retain your reputation or tell the truth? Being honest builds on your reputation, I would not want to be infamously known as a liar. The truth is eventually found out, it is better to share it sooner rather than later. Several characters in The Crucible are worried about how they are perceived by others. Even in real life, we worry too much about how others view our lives and whether or not we are accepted. In the story, Abigail is a hirable maid who stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Proctor. Abigail had an affair with Mr. Proctor while tending to the needs of the house. Mrs. Proctor learned of the affair and fired her immediately. Now, the whole community knows to not hire her because she has a “dirty” name, meaning she is known for doing wrong. Abigail moved into Reverend Parris’ house and has not obtained a job in seven months. Parris wishes to know why she has not worked in more than half a year and asks if it is because of her reputation. Parris is not aware of the affair and does not understand why Abigail does not have a job. It is obvious that having a good reputation is important to this community because Parris asks Abigail about her reputation without thinking of any other explanation. Not only do the characters worry about their…show more content…
Lying was acceptable as long as you spared your reputation. It did not matter if others were hurt in the process, saving your own character mattered more during the Salem witch trials. I believe helping yourself before others is wrong. Knowing a miss deed has happened and not speaking out on it is equal to committing the crime. It should not matter how others view us anyway, we are all accepted by someone. A whole community should not have to like you for you to feel welcome or loved. I understand preserving your reputation back then saved your life, but in the world has changed since
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