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Tips to Jump Higher
Basketball is a competitive sport. Thousands of professional basketball players earn billions of dollars every year. No longer do people in the rest of the world view it as an American sport. With increased international popularity and attention, more and more people are taking up basketball. When this happens in any sport, players have to contend with competition for positions in both club and national teams.

Among the essential qualities of a great basketball player is the ability to jump higher. A player who jumps higher will get a larger amount of blocks, rebounds and steals in addition to the prized dunk. Basketball is not only a high scoring game; it is more enjoyable when players outdo one another with skillful moves that bring them closer and closer to scoring opportunities. Only the players who know how to lift themselves higher
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You need to learn how to rapidly lift your body and land in an appropriate manner. Many basketball players forget that their bodies must be controlled during vertical movements. You need to use maximum force and this can be achieved by engaging in various workouts related to landing and jumping. When you master these two skills, you will gain the ability to dunk with less effort and a decreased risk of getting injured.
5. Practice body stretching exercises
The issue of jumping higher in basketball can also be viewed from the perspective of getting taller. There is proof to indicate that you can grow taller by a few inches if you stretch out muscles that have been constricted for a long time. Attaining a higher vertical is not different. You need to engage in body stretching workouts to make your muscles agile and flexible. Supple athletes are more likely to lift themselves higher than their more rigid counterparts. Now you understand why an athlete with a shorter frame can jump higher than a taller basketball player.
6. Have a positive

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