Abiotic Factor In El Yunque

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El Yunque Introduction: El Yunque is a tropical rainforest, located on the far east side of Puerto Rico, and is home to a plethora of animals. At El Yunque there 50 species of birds, 11 species of bats, 8 species of lizards, and 13 species of tree frogs. El Yunque also is home to important animals native only to Puerto Rico such as the Puerto Rican Parrot, Puerto Rican Boa, Puerto Rican Broad-winged Hawk, and the Puerto Rican Sharp-shinned hawk. Two abiotic factors in El Yunque that can affect the ecosystem include sunlight and rainfall. Sunlight and rainfall are an important abiotic factor in El Yunque because sunlight starts the food chain, helping producers thrive, and the rainfall is also important because it’s essential to all the plants
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