Ableism And Tokenism In Canada

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In Canada, there are examples in real-life events that portray disparity, ableism and tokenism. Every Canadian has different perspectives towards the disabled-bodied population; the people label them differently especially when it comes in the media. In the Canadian society, there is a lot of ableism developed amongst the abled-bodied population which openly discriminates people with disabilities and favoring the abled-bodied with many opportunities; there are a lot of events and opportunities in various industries for the abled-bodied while the people who are disabled are not given the opportunities that are open to the abled-bodied population. When it comes to disparity, the disabled population are openly discriminate, and people display…show more content…
Ableism is the discrimination towards the disabled-bodied and favors the abled-bodied population; this is exemplified by many people and events. The first example is the Olympics; in Olympics, majority of the athletes are able, and they are very few disabled athletes who participate in the Olympics. In this example, Olympics focuses on having abled-bodied athletes to play in the games, but the disabled need to work hard to match the able-bodied athletes’ skills which only few disabled athletes can do it. Ableism is illustrated through the comparison of abled-bodied and disabled-bodied capabilities. In Canadian society, the disabled-bodied are not given chances to create awareness for themselves in different events which ranges from local events to international events. The able-bodied population are accepted by majority of the Canadian society; majority of Canadian people believes that the disabled-bodied people are not capable as the able-bodied people and discriminate because of their abilities which affected by their disability. Olympics is an example that illustrates the able-bodied population have more opportunities in various events that the disabled-bodied population. It elaborates that the abled-bodied communities are superior to the disabled-bodied communities in several different ways. Therefore, ableism in Canada illustrates the open discrimination towards the…show more content…
Ableism portrays the skills and talents that the abled-bodied have, while the disabled-bodied are illustrated by the Canadian society as less skilled and have less opportunities due to the labels set on them. Canadian citizens demonstrate disparity by illustrating the unfair differences of the abled-bodied and disabled-bodied openly. Lastly, tokenism always illustrated by many people in various industries and events; they are trying to demonstrate that the disabled citizens are treated equal to the abled-bodied, but it is only appearance for the public to show that they are changing to adapt for the disabled, however it is not working for them. The Canadian society illustrate ableism, disparity and tokenism in the public eyes and exemplify the negative side of the disabled-bodies and their

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