Abner Doubleday: The Invention Of Major League Baseball

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In 1839 a man by the name of Abner Doubleday invented the game of baseball. In 1907 baseball was adopted and turned into what we now know it as the MLB. In Major League Baseball you have a National League and an American League. In each league they only played league games. Which means American League plays other American League teams and the same goes for the National League. That was until 1997 when the Texas Ranger (AL) played the San Francisco Giants (NL). When that game commenced it was the start of what we now call Interleague games. Interleague games are games played against and NL team and an AL team. In all of baseball there are nine players which include three outfielders, four infielders, and a pitcher and catcher. With the game being played like this, each position batted for themselves. That…show more content…
The DH causes opportunity and weaknesses to be hidden. Removing the DH and requiring all pitchers to hit, increases the chances of possibly seeing a pitcher combine pitching greatness with batting exploits and accomplish something amazing for everyone to see. In baseball there is this thing called a free agent. It is when your contract expires for the team you are with and you get offers from other teams to play for them. If the DH would be taken away and they learn to hit, the pitcher would have to hit and this could allow them to become huge prospects in the off season during free agency.
You can’t play basketball if you can’t dribble can you? You can 't play golf if you can’t hit the golf ball right? Well in baseball if you can’t field it 's okay as long as you can hit. The DH hides players deficiency when the whole point of the game of baseball is to use players strengths and weaknesses to evaluate them and draft them to a team to play in games and win. To just hit in a baseball game isn’t truly playing the sport. Play the game, every aspect of the game to bring back the fun of the game it has lost over the
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