Abner Louima Case

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Did you know that White Americans have a higher chance to be frisked than to be shot? That is the opposite for African Americans. They have a higher chance of being shot before being frisked. But to push this farther, cops are trained on reaction. If you quickly put your hand in your pocket and you don’t do as told, police may think you have a dangerous item in your pocket, so you end up wounded or tazered. Police officers are not racist; they are doing their job.. The case of Abner Louima is a case when police were racist. Louima was a security guard at a nightclub when a fight broke out. He intervened and broke the fight up although when police arrived, he was arrested not the brawlers. Once at the station, he was forced to strip in public…show more content…
later that night he leaped at a swat member with a kitchen knife, and the swat member had to shoot to save his life (MacDonald 16). All cops are trained for fast and appropriate responses in any situation, but especially dangerous ones. If a man attacks an officer, he will end up shot by a taser or a real handgun or rifle. The assailant in this case was a major threat to an officer 's life. The officer was forced to react.. The assailant should have just given up, but he didn’t. Even though most people think that the penal system is not racist some people, like congresswoman Maxine Waters, say that “the color of your skin dictates whether you will be arrested or not, prosecuted harshly or less harshly, or receive a stiff sentence or gain probation or entry into treatment (“Is the Criminal Justice System Racist”). Even at a 2008 debate ”Barack Obama charged that blacks and whites “are arrested at very different rates, are convicted at very different rates, [and] receive very different sentences ... for the same crime” (“Is the Criminal Justice System
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