Abner Snopes In The Barn Burning

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In the story “The Barn Burning” there are two main characters, Abner Snopes (father), and Sarty Snopes (son). The father Abner is portrayed as a middle aged man who has never really found his identity. In the story he cannot hold down a job or much less save enough money to provide his family with a home to live in. The family wanders from town to town in a covered wagon looking for a farm to share crop on. He has been doing this for so long that it is a way of life for him and his family. Abner has a very dark side to him; he carries a sort of a resentment to the world. Abner’s inability to conform to society has lead him to become a serial arsonist. The only way Abner can feel equal in class or gain any sense of control over people is to …show more content…

They were following the same routine as always, everyone knew their duties. Abner at this point was beginning to feel resentment towards his father. The more he thought about his child hood, the more he believed his father had a real problem. He was thinking to himself he could wait until he got away from his father and could be on his own (1190). As his father walked up to this beautiful house he intentionally stepped into a pile of horse manure (1191). His father knocked on the door, a servant answered, his father forced his way inside the house to intentionally smear horse manure on the rug (1191). Sarty’s suspicions were concreted in by his father’s actions now. Abner had a serious problem, he had a resentment towards other people for no apparent reason at all. Abner felt he must destroy property to make himself feel better. The owner of the house demanded Abner clean the rug that he had imported from France. Abner had his wife and daughter attempt to clean the rug but ruined it in the process (1193). The owner of the rug demanded that Abner be held accountable for ruining the rug and repay him by giving him a portion of the crop he would have earned by sharecropping his land

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