Abner Snopes: The Main Characters In Barn Burning

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Reading the story “Barn Burning” has not only given me another reason to just do another typical assignment, it has also shown how all the events that occurred can happen at any time to a regular civilian. A main character in the story would be Abner Snopes who has the characteristic of a cold hearted individual. He has let the fact of his poor conditions lead him on to make disastrous decisions. Mr. Snopes has been described in the story as a mercenary who fought in the Civil War. While being in service during this time period, he stole horses used during the war and would sell them to someone who would bid the highest. He was also shot in the leg during these years and has an injury due to this incident. Abner too hid in the woods during the combat for four years and most likely spent the greatest amount of time in the…show more content…
In this room Abner is sentenced to leave the county and never come back. Abner shows a really strong factor on what his true characteristic is like. He tells his son Sarty “you got to learn to stick to your own blood or you ain’t going to have any blood to stick to you” (Faulkner 4). Another case in which the courtroom would be included is when Abner steps in a fresh pile of horse manure and stains his new land lords expensive rug. His new land lord is named de Spain. Mr. de Spain drops the rug off at the Snopes new shack and demands they clean the rug and he makes his two daughters clean it. With the aftermath of the cleaning de Spain is not happy with the outcome and claims that Abner pay him back by giving him twenty bushels of corn. The next day, Abner goes to town with Sarty and the rest of his family. While visiting the local store in town Sarty notices the Justice of the Peace are present and realizes his father is trying to sue de Spain for the twenty bushels of corn he is charging him. The court then lowers the price to ten bushels of corn and ends the rest of the

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