Abnormal Psychology: A Shocking Serial Killer

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In the 1970s, a shocking serial killer came to the public’s attention; Ted Bundy seemed like an average man, but this seemingly charming man became the epitome of evil- a psychopathic killer. Bundy became the world’s primary vision of a psychopath and a nightmare come true (Bell). Generally, psychopaths are known to be heartless murderers and, therefore, a subject of great fascination because they go against multiple social norms (Cohen). However, psychopathy is not defined solely by violence. Numerous psychopathic traits can result in success in the workplace as psychopaths can be found in numerous high ranking positions. Additionally, not all killers necessarily have psychopathic traits. Psychopaths, as they are portrayed in modern movies,…show more content…
However, it is often closely linked to Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) to the point that some practitioners use the two terms synonymously (Venosa). People with ASPD do not live by the same social guidelines as their friends and colleagues. Furthermore, people with the disorder tend to be callous, have a lack of empathy, and love manipulation. People with ASPD often give no regard to how their actions may affect other individuals; often, they only give regard to their own desires. People with ASPD are less extreme than psychopaths (Cohen). Typically, psychopaths have numerous ASPD traits. Psychopaths frequently are remorseless and use their superficial charm as a mask, which helps them manipulate their coworkers and acquaintances (Venosa). A psychopath’s carefully constructed façade makes him seem normal; therefore, psychopaths are hard to find. Therefore, the ones that are discovered are often…show more content…
Also, psychopaths have the ability to be decisive and keep calm under pressure. ("Harness Inner Psychopath"). Politicians tend to have qualities similar to that of a psychopath. Both have charisma and are bold. Additionally, spies, Special Forces, police officers, physicians and lawyers can be psychopaths. Some of the most influential workers in society have the same tendencies as the most destructive citizens. It's clear that the result of psychopathy is determined by the individual. University of Oxford Psychologist, Kevin Dutton, compares psychopathy to a sports car ‘“Psychopathy really is like a high performance sports car. Whether or not it's a dangerous vehicle depends upon who has a foot on the gas pedal,’” (Shapiro). Psychopaths can use their abilities in productive
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