Abnormality In The Strangers

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In the beginning of the movie the main character John Murdoch wakes up in a bath tub not remembering who he is and what he was doing. Seconds later, he receives a phone call from someone claiming that they are his doctor and urges him to leave the hotel he is staying in because certain people are chasing him. During the phone call he sees a murdered corpse with the murder weapon beside it. After, the phone call he decides to leave the hotel, on his way out he checks the hotel’s entry log to discover that his name was J. Murdoch. He ultimately finds his wallet and discovers his full name and his home address. Before he goes home, he tests himself by being escorted with a prostitute in order to determine if he was capable of killing and discovers that he is not. He goes home and meets with…show more content…
Daniel Schreber, who made the call to John in the beginning of the movie. Bumstead eventually arrests John, who he now believes is innocent after John has explained the abnormalities that happen in their city. Together they encounter Dr. Schreber who explains that the Strangers are a different race that uses dead humans as vessels and perform experiments on humans in hopes of understanding their nature. Frustrated, Murdoch and Bumstead break through the wall learning that the city is surrounded by space and is suspended through an external force field. They are later taken to the home of the Strangers in order to further experiment Murdoch. In the process, Dr. Schreber betrays the Strangers and injects Murdoch with memories teaching him how to use his powers. As a result, Murdoch is able to defeat the leader of the Strangers and becomes able to control the city. He uses his powers to create Shell beach and the movie ends with John going to the beach in the light of day. Analysis: The movie opens with a mysterious scene that implies the dark and mysterious nature of the movie. The movie

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