Abolish The Aztec Empire Analysis

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During the year of exploration Hernan Cortez is recognized as one the most ruthless conquistadors from Spain. Cortez would lead an expedition that would cause the fall of the Aztec empire. The native people believed the Spanish were Gods sent from the sky, little did they know what they had in store for them. Hernan Cortez was able to conquer the indigenous people by disease, weapons, and most important the aid from native allies. Therefore, Cortez would successfully abolish the Aztec empire that would unlock many lands and riches that would benefit Europe.
One of the reasons that affected the native people was the disease carried by the Spanish conquistadors known as the small pox. The small pox contested a small portion that benefited Cortez expedition killing and infecting more than three million Aztecs, weakening the effort for them to fight back. The only downside from this disease was Cortez native allies were also affected by the smallpox causing several casualties.
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The Tlaxcalans were a huge benefit to Cortez because both disagree in the Aztec’s cruel tribute system. The process of human sacrifice frighten the common people in Mexico. Therefore the Tlaxcalans and several other native communities joined forces with Cortez and were able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses from the Aztec city, Tenochtitlan. Cortez had over seventy five thousand allied natives. With that being said, without the aid from the Tlaxcalans and many other native clans it would’ve been impossible for Cortez to conquer the Aztec empire.
In conclusion, Hernan Cortez was able to conquer the Aztec empire for several reasons he had advanced weapons that the Aztec wouldn’t match, his men carried diseases that would weaken and kill the Aztecs, and most importantly the bond Cortez created with the Tlaxcalans and other tribes that would promise victory against the Aztec
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