Abolishing The Electoral College

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The Electoral College is an outdated system and should be abolished before it turns the tables of an election for the bad. This system of voting was developed in 1787 and has had a strong impact on American citizens for 230 years. The Electoral College was created to take power from over populated states and distribute it to the less populated states. It also serves a higher authority than the popular vote, which can alter the results of many elections. In the 230 years of this system being in action, 4 elections have been modified to set the victor as someone who the population did not want. This system take away from the “one man, one vote” act, whose name came from the Equal Protection Clause in an effort to make one person’s vote roughly…show more content…
That is 230 years without a change in the system or an abolishment of the system. For some reason, even though the electoral college was created in 1787, America is still biding by it. A former U.S. senator from Indiana stated, “Over the last 200 years, more than 700 proposals have been made to reform or abolish it. Changing the electoral college has been the most frequently proposed Constitutional amendment” (Bayh 164). Perhaps abolishing it is a little too extreme, but not even a change in how it is set up or ran has happened since 1787. Do not forget the “One person, one vote” doctrine which made it so anyone man 's vote was equal to others of a different state. This whole plan is not effective when big states do not get the representation that is needed to show their true feelings for a…show more content…
Other systems like run-off election and direct popular vote show a better picture of what the people want. In “One Vote For The Electoral College" the author goes into detail and explains direct popular election. “This successful and satisfactory system, one that has worked with only a few close calls, would dissolve with the abolition of the Electoral College, exposing the nation to dangerous forces that could tear it apart” (Turner 414). Besides the direct popular election, there is also the run-off election. It is functioned around making sure the people’s vote does not go to waste. As Turner said in his article, “...most call for the winning candidate to receive a popular plurality (forty percent is often mentioned) and a run-off election if that is not achieved” (414). Run-Off was made so if a vote for a certain candidate became no longer valid, as in they dropped out or got voted out, the vote would still matter and it would go onto the individual 's next suggested candidate. “Wouldn’t it be an intolerable strain to the American political system, giving rise to popular outrage and contempt… that sometime again a man with fewer popular votes than his opponent is the electoral winner? I doubt it…” (Bayh 169). Former senator was stating something that goes through the minds of the public. He points out that no one seems to mind that someone
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