Abolitionism In The 19th Century

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There were a lot of reforms the occurred during the 19th century. These reforms all had great value since it was because of them that the USA was formed. Each one more important than the other, however a reform that has stuck out from rest was the Abolitionism. This one was just different from the others and really made me think about the hard times from the past. Abolitionism was a reform to end slavery which in my opinion should have never even begun. First sights of African slavery were in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619 where 20 Africans were transported ashore by a Dutch ship. After that many cases of slavery had emerged in many different places. In the 18th century some historians claimed the around 6-7 million were brought to the new world. The world’s initial Antislavery Society was founded in Philadelphia in 1775 by the Quakers. This was a beginning of a revolution which would last a little less than a century. A lot slaves achieved their freedom throughout the Revolution without formal emancipation. This topic had split the nation. There were two views to this reform one being the Northern and the other being the Southern. The Northern side was more for technology and industry unlike Southern which was still an agriculture society. On the Northern side they were kind of split on the idea of the abolition topic. Half of them were for it and were called the abolitionists. They were claiming how slavery is morally wrong and they wanted it to slowly stop, others which
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