Abolitionist Argumentative Essay

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In spite of the presence of Abolitionist being in the United State since the first slave had arrived upon its shores, this group did not become a significant part of the political system until the early 1830s. This weak framework of Abolitionist began to rise with a new sense for the injustices of slavery and the moderates of anti slavery during this age. In a similar ideology, as stated by Magliocca, it is without doubt that this gradual increasing presence of Abolitionist was connected to the Cherokee removal act of 1830. Many during this time were against these actions such as William Lloyd, a historical activist for anti slavery. Although originally believing that they should send African Americans back to Africa in 1829, he ultimately changed his view upon hearing Jackson’s proposal of the removal act.…show more content…
Additionally, by the views of James Birney, a antislavery leader who held the basis of the 14th amendment, agreed that this removal act conducted itself to be a stimulant for the Abolitionist movement. By these motions alike, Birney believed that “‘ it was easier to remove from the country those who were subjects of this degradation, than to successfully combat and overthrow the prejudices and false principles which produced it”’ (Magliocca 89-90). It was unquestionably so that the people of this time were beginning to recognize this ill disposed proposition that any one without white status was thought to be an inferior race in
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