Abolitionist Movement Essay

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The Abolitionist Movement Protest vs. Black Lives Matter Protest We all live in a conflicting atmosphere with different opinions that portray the way an individual looks at the world through their own eyes. In order to express our feelings, we may put up a fight or just let the negative stomp right over our opposing opinion. Looking at the world through a different aspect is not a crime that we all commit on a daily basis. There will be multiple sensitive objections that pop up along the way during your lifetime. The world without hate is a world without love. How can we appreciate all the positive and enduring blessings in our lifetimes if they are all just laid out on a clean slate in front of us? We all must fight for what we believe in.…show more content…
An abolitionist is a person who believes in the result of destruction towards a practice or law that has the tendency to hurt or cause damage to society. This movement consisted of multiple protests demanding the end of racial segregation and the disappearance of all slaves. Moreover, a source of verbal protesting used during the abolitionist movement was the Liberator. “In early 1831, Garrison, in Boston, began publishing his famous newspaper, the Liberator, supported largely by free African-Americans.” (Stewart) This newspaper got the protestors noticed and opened new doors. Nowadays, instead of individuals publishing an article in the newspaper the freedom to post videos on YouTube may be used to express an opinion. There are a like button and a dislike button that expresses the way an audience feels about your topic. Which in this case would represent the two factions emerging, the abolitionists and the slave owners. Slave owners believed that owning black women and men was beneficial and often a steady income. The abolitionists knew that it was not right to hold anyone, no matter what color, size, social and or intellectual level, against his or her will. The abolitionist movement was just the beginning of freeing all African American people but yet it proves standing up for what is right can result in major positive advancements in the
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