Abollah Short Story

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“When I grow up, will I live with you?”
Abdullah watched the orange sun dropping low, nudging the horizon. “If you want. But you won’t want to.”
“Yes I will!”
“You’ll want a house of your own.”
“But we can be neighbors.”
“You won’t live far.”
“What if you get sick of me?”
She jabbed his side with her elbow. “I wouldn’t!” (Mountains Echoed 18)
The relationship between two siblings forms the core of the plot of the novel. They live in a village of Shadbagh with their father and step mother. Hosseini introduces Saboor thus:” He was dark-skinned and had a hard face, angular and bony, nose curved like a desert hawk’s beak, eyes set deep in his skull”.( Mountains Echoed 18) Saboor is often out of work and he cannot support
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She pushes Masooma out of a tree causing her to be paralyzed. Parwana is now guilt-ridden. She becomes Masooma’s caregiver for many years to atone for her sin. Masooma commits suicide to clear the way of marriage of Saboor and Parwana. Abdullah suffers the second stroke of tragedy when his father Saboor gives away the little Pari to a rich man just for money. Now selling of girls is a common tradition in Afghanistan as women do not enjoy respect and status in Kabul. Pari is sold through Nabi who is the step uncle of Abdullah. In chapter four of the novel Hosseini tells about Nabi and his relationship with Nila and Suleiman Wahdati. In this chapter Nabi gives his confession and narrates all the events that led to the tragic sale of Pari. Nabi is a parasite who enjoys the confidence of Wahdati family. Nabi writes a long letter to Mr. Markos giving his confession as to what led up to Pari’s “sale”. He narrates all the events that led to the divorce of Nila and Suleiman Wahdati after unhappy marriage. His first confession is of deserting his sisters in Shahbagh because he “pictured his youth ebbing away” and left to “help provide for his sisters…but also to escape.” (Mountains Echoed 75) Nabi tells how he used to drive the Wahdati being his chauffeur. One day he was amazed to see a beautiful young girl Nila who soon got married with Suleiman Wahdati. Unfortunately Nila couldn’t give birth to any child so Suleiman took his services to get Pari. Nabi tells that Suleiman and Nila were quiet with each other and rarely spent time together. Nabi would enjoy the company of Nila and often took her for a long drive. Nabi loves Nila as he enjoys her company. As he
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