Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander People Essay

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are the first inhabitants of Australia. An Aboriginal person is someone who is of Aboriginal descent, identifies as an Aboriginal person and is accepted as an Aboriginal person by the community in which he or she lives. The ‘Northwest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Association’ (NWAICA) is a non-profit indigenous community organisation that provides services, assistance & support to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, families and community in Northwest Brisbane. NWAICA objectives are to provide quality service and supports to sustain culture, community and country by improving the social, educational, physical, cultural and economic well-being of Aboriginal and…show more content…
The two main languages spoken are Miriam Mir and Kala Lagaw Ya. They uphold strong kinship and cultures that lasted many thousands of years, as it was the backbone of communities and are essential foundations for successful civic and economic participation. Land and sea are fundamental to their culture as they believe to be spiritually connected to the land and sea. They carried out traditions in relation to the land and sea through singing, dancing, rituals and beliefs (Queensland Gorvernment,…show more content…
When designing a curriculum or interacting, this sensitive issue needs to be considered carefully as to not offend or exclude a child or family of Indigenous background. It is important to provide a child care environment which is free from bias and prejudice in which children learn the principles of fairness and respect for the uniqueness of each person. Educators must value differences in backgrounds, culture and abilities by actively seeking information from children, families and the community, about their cultural traditions, customs and beliefs, use resources that reflect the diversity. Educators are a role model and treat all children equally and encourage them to treat each other with respect and
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