Aboriginal Court System Case Study

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1. Aboriginals peoples should have their own court system because there would be no bias or over generalized stereotyping to skew decisions or sentencing. Aboriginals are overrepresented in our Canadian Court System. Alcoholism and crime go hand in hand. Alcoholism in Aboriginals unfortunately is a common problem because of colonization and social upheaval. In the past, we have seen issues like racial profiling against aboriginals and inequality when it comes to the sentencing of these people. Having a separate Aboriginal court system would deter this possibility.
2. Natives should have the right to fish and hunt in the certain times that they have elated. Some aboriginals live their lives as the traditional aboriginal way which is living off the land and not going to Sobeys to buy there meat or fish. Not allowing hunting and fishing as non-natives would be a violation on their culture and human rights. For non-natives hunting and fishing is now a mostly recreational activity, for some aboriginals they need fishing and hunting to survive. This also being aboriginal land, they can do whatever they please on this land.

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I would say that “Cultural genocide” is the correct term to use of the treatment of Aboriginals by the Canadian Government. Residential schools had a big part of this. As First nations children went to these residential schools they would never teach anything in the Aboriginal culture. They were mostly focused on instilling the European culture on Aboriginals. Many aboriginals were mentally and physical harmed in these residential schools if they were not trying to conform to this European way of life. No longer allowing Aboriginal language had virtual made speaking the native language extinct. Genocide in the past has been trying to kill of people of a certain culture. In this situation, the residential school are trying to kill the culture not so much the
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