Aboriginal Discrimination

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Discrimination of Aboriginals in North America Ever since Europeans began to settle in North America, they have been denying Aboriginals their basic human rights. They desired their abundant land in order to use it for their own selfish reasons. In both historical and contemporary times, one can find many examples of the discrimination Native Americans have faced. Upon examining various events, one can conclude that the society should be treating Aboriginals in a way that ensures that they receive the rights and respect that all human beings deserve. According to the "Stolen Children" film, one of the most obvious ways that the Aboriginals have been discriminated in the past is the implementation of residential schools by the government. Children were separated from their families and put in special school in order to be assimilated into the Western culture. Many of these children suffered severe physical and sexual abuse in residential schools and the effects of that mental trauma are still evident today. Residential school survivors often abuse their own children because of the negative influence that this schooling had on them. Because of that, the suicide rate among the children of residential school survivors is higher than rate of the survivors themselves. Recently, Stephen Harper has publicly apologized for the implementation of…show more content…
The officer was clearly targeting these two men because of their culture. Such a thing would not have been likely to happen to peoples of other cultures. This incident occurred in contemporary times, which shows that discrimination of Aboriginals still exists today. Our society must recognize that the existing treatment of Native peoples is hateful and wrong, in order to make everyone feel

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