Aboriginal Land In Australia Essay

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Australia is a country with a lot of history. It all began back then, at least 30,000 years ago about 40,000 BC when the first Aborigines, who are the native people of Australia, arrived from South East Asia. Many Aborigines to this day earn money through selling their native artworks. Aboriginal music is commonly perceptible for its well known instrument, the didgeridoo. Its a wind instrument usually made from bamboo. By the 1800’s, the majority of the Aboriginal population joined urban societies in which they were exposed to new diseases they had no immunity towards. This caused the Aboriginal population to shrink in size. In addition to that, Great Britain began using Australia as a penal colony, where they sent convicts to complete their sentence aboard, freeing space in the local jail of Britain. Ever since the British arrived, they began stealing Aboriginal land and destroying it. However, in 1992 the government claimed the Aboriginal land empty before the British’s arrival and could be legally taken over.

Australian land has undergone many natural disasters varying from floods to cyclones.
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Australia is known for multiple things, one of which the fact that it is an island continent. It is also known for having the worlds largest population of marsupials such as kangaroos. In addition to that, the worlds two largest monoliths, Uluru and Mt. Augustus, are in Australia. Lastly, it is widely known for having a lot of venomous snakes and is also known for buildings such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour
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