Aboriginal People 1910-1970

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Today in Australia there may be around one hundred thousand indigenous Australian people that do not know who their family is or what their culture is. During 1910-1970 many mixed cultured Aboriginal children were removed from their families by a variety of white people as a result of various Government policies. The children taken because of these policies became known as the stolen generation. Being taken away from their families and cultures would leave a legacy of trauma and loss that to this day still affects the Aboriginal community. This all happened because the white people were trying to change the way aboriginal people were living they wanted them to forget they’re culture, speak nothing but English and live like “Normal People”.…show more content…
The meant set up farms let indigenous people work on it and survive off the produce. In other words changing the way Aboriginal people lived and trying to make them adopt white culture. However indigenous people could not get used to this life because they were traditionally nomadic and could not let go of their cultural ways. In 1911 the Board of Protection was given control over indigenous people, this meant that they were also the legal guardians of all Aboriginal children. The government believed that the best way to ensure all indigenous children were assimilated ( drops all customs and traditions and adopts dominant culture) into European society was to take them away from their families even if it meant taking them by force. They would especially take Indigenous children of mixed culture. An example of this is in Robert Darlington’s “History Alive” textbook page 122 source 2. It is from the perspective an indigenous girl named Rose who lost contact with her brothers and sisters in 1958 after the welfare took her younger siblings off her parents. This affected the whole family it caused Rose’s parents to turn to alcohol and they split up going their separate ways leaving Rose to survive by

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