Aboriginal People In Australia

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In Australia, Aboriginal people face many challenges. Explore and describe at least three key issues that affect educational outcomes for indigenous Australians.

Despite co-ordinated efforts of indigenous communities and governments, Australia’s indigenous population continue to experience significant disadvantage (Banks 2007). Clearly evident in lowered literacy rates, high rates of unemployment, social conflict and alarming health statistics, addressing the issue of Aboriginal disadvantage is a matter of national importance requiring immediate attention. Incorporating the intrinsic values of Aboriginal culture within the structure of educational framework, supports self-determination of Indigenous Australians. Self-determination assist in
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This is particularly evident in remote communities as supported McDonald (2007, p.153). Australian Aboriginal children living in remote communities still experience a high burden of common infectious diseases which are generally attributed to poor hygiene and unsanitary living conditions. Lowered sanitisation standards inadvertently effect the educational outcomes of indigenous youth, by supressed immune system resulting in poor attendance of school, lack of motivation and reduction of general wellbeing. A coordinated effort incorporating key leaders of indigenous communities and government support is required to implement strategic framework to overcome poor sanitisation…show more content…
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