Aboriginal Spirituality In Art

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Spirituality in Art is a world known topic that many people discuss. Whether it be in a class room, in church, in your work place or even talked about over a coffee, it is shared globally. Art is considered as a result of inspiration, and people believe that inspiration has a spiritual nature. If we could define art in short, many would say that it is the communication of the human with the sense of existence, the passage way to the Gods and/or the discovering of deep secrets. A huge variety of artworks are created from the influence of religions and when we think about it, there are a lot of religions that people may be following. This leading to beautiful, rare, inspiring and outstanding art pieces located all around the world.
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This religion/culture is like many others. It is recognised by having a God or Gods who created life as we know it, all in a certain period at the beginning of time. The Indigenous people are very spiritual and religious, connecting to not just a God they cannot see but to believing in a number of different deities. These deities have numerous way to create form. Aboriginals believe that the spiritual form can be that of a landscape feature, a painting created by the use of fingers and sticks, plants, or even animals (www.aboriginalculture.com.au, accessed 10/10/2015). Although the Aboriginal religion has many deities already, they are not all the same. One deity does not cover the whole of Australia, each tribe is different and has their own individual and unique beliefs. Aboriginal spirituality is deeply linked to the land which “owns” Aboriginal people.
Art in this culture is expressed through ceremonies, rituals and paintings. All being symbolic to their religion and culture. Ceremonies play a significant role in Aboriginal life, in some parts of Australia ceremonies and rituals are still performed; Arnhem Land and Central Australia. These rituals are practiced to enable a successful hunt and to bless over their food. Such ceremonies and rituals take form in singing, dancing, chanting, or rituals actions. Other than to bless their food supply, the commonly known performed ceremony is to ensure a safe transition from childhood to
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