Aboriginal Spirituality Research Paper

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Aboriginal spirituality is a way of life it is understood and perceived as an external link to the universe that consists of intellect and meaning in life discovering the personal universe and ethical codes. Aboriginal spirituality not just being a set of principles but instead it is a way of life which sets the standards of living and guidelines for all aboriginal people. All aboriginal people have a distinctive superior reverence for all natural surroundings having strong understanding of all aboriginal people in the aboriginal communities which is well thought-out to be one of the most paramount and ultimate gifts posed by all aboriginal people. Through this gift a strong bound is formed with all living beings which are linked generating the feeling of unity togetherness and belonging. The significance of…show more content…
Aboriginal spirituality having a resilient relationship to the land and its atmosphere and surroundings. The land is looked upon and regarded as the mother to all aboriginal people. Being fertile and abundant it is important that the land is taken care of and kept healthy and sustained because the land establishes a deep spiritual connection to aboriginal people spirituality being tied within the land creating a profound connection for aboriginal people. The land is look upon as the owner and custodian of all aboriginal lives. The land representing the starting point of all given life. In order to expand on a deep sense of development and understanding to the spiritual world every individual must always begin with the land for the land itself signifies spirituality all aboriginal people rejoicing and paying respects to land. It is important to come to an understanding that when aboriginal people are disconnected from the land they are disconnected from
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