Abortion: A Huge Argument In The World Today

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Abortion is a huge argument in the world today. “In 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court held in Roe V.Wade that the right of privacy protects women’s decisions to end unwanted pregnancy before the fetus develops.” By 2013, 70 restrictions to curb the practice of abortion from 22 states. (Funk & Wagnalls pg.1). In 2014, five health votes were examined by the House of Representatives regarding the matter of abortion. Everyone has a side to abortion from politics to democrats, people in religions to people with no religions, the people having the baby to someone who never had a baby before; everyone sees a different side to it. My believe on abortion is it should be Illegal because it kills innocent lives. Abortion is killing over thousand of innocent…show more content…
A health care center proved women and teens get more mental health problems. By 2001, studies were published and research showed women have more health care problems. 41,089 women matched 39,220 women were matched without abortion. Abortion causes more than a 165% higher rate of hospitalizations for psychiatric problems, because the side affects of women who went through with abortion. Abortion is against many religions and is frowned upon by many people and takes innocent children’s life away. A lady told a story about a conversation her and her mother had because she was thinking about going through with an abortion. This is what the mother said; “Termination in my religion is a sin and will punish you after death unless you also die.” (Alison p.485)This shows how religious people see abortion and the way you should be treated if you go through with abortion. It says that if you take someone’s life away you should be punished for it and abortion is not any different from shooting someone at point-blank. Abortion takes a person’s life away and if it is okay to you then you should be punished. Some people believe it is okay if a woman has an abortion and that what a woman does to her body is not any else 's business, but by having an abortion the woman would not only be harming her own body but also taking an innocent life away. Bernie Sanders said that we are not going to go back to the

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