Nancy's Argument Against Abortion

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Pick a crowd, any crowd and one is bound to find it divided when it comes to the subject of abortion. Defined as the voluntary termination of a pregnancy, abortion is one of the most controversial and polarizing topics which is currently dominating the news cycle. Each side has its reasons and is very passionate about where its stand. On one hand, there is the extremely conservative pro-life side which believes that life is sacred and that abortion is not morally permissible under any circumstances. On the other hand, there is the liberal pro-choice side which opposes any interference with a woman’s right to choose. Then, there are those who believe that abortion should be allowed under certain circumstances and up to a certain point during…show more content…
The case is assuming that since Nancy previously had an abortion, that she does not condemn or find abortion morally reprehensible. Assuming this is true, It is consistent that Nancy can take this position and still decide against abortion for herself based on moral grounds. This is because the pro-choice argument is about just that, individual choice. In order for this to be true, there are many options for Nancy’s line of thinking. Nancy could based her decision that she has already have an abortion and it would be morally irresponsible for her to have another. That would allow her to think that other women can still an abortion but not her. Another way, could be that Nancy could consider her motive for an abortion to be immoral. Nancy could be aware although not perfect, her fetus has the potential to have a healthy and happy life. In that aspect, Nancy could fall in the group of moderates who believe that abortion are only allowed under certain circumstances and for Nancy a fetus with Down Syndrome could simply not fall under those circumstances. Or Nancy could believe that her views are not absolute and could allow women to make up their minds about what is moral or…show more content…
The case of Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v Casey marks an era where the U.S. Supreme Court walks away from the idea of neutral views between childbirth and abortion because the Supreme Court rules that information in favor childbirth may be given to the mother. However, the courts have not encourage information in favor of abortion. Genetic testing and the field of genetic or abortion counseling is growing. Research shows that there is a correlation between genetic testing and abortion but there has been little research done to analyze the impact of counselors on mothers’ decision to abort. An article by Susan Markens found that in most cases genetic counselors attempt to remain neutral in presenting patient with the data available on risks and benefits. However, the very idea of genetic testing can be seen as suggestive or as a recommendation for abortion. In the case of Nancy, the patient has the right to all the information available on the risks associated with a fetus with Down Syndrome in order to make an information decision. However, the ultimate decision is hers and should not be urged by the
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