Abortion And Abortion

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Pick a crowd, any crowd and one is bound to find it divided when it comes to the subject of abortion. Defined as the voluntary termination of a pregnancy, abortion is one of the most controversial and polarizing topics which is currently dominating the news cycle. Each side has its reasons and is very passionate about where its stand. On one hand, there is the extremely conservative pro-life side which believes that life is sacred and that abortion is not morally permissible under any circumstances. On the other hand, there is the liberal pro-choice side which opposes any interference with a woman’s right to choose. Then, there are those who believe that abortion should be allowed under certain circumstances and up to a certain point during the pregnancy. This case is about a pregnant mother’s difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy or not when it was determined that the fetus may be at risk for Down Syndrome. Because Nancy previously had an abortion, some questions come up. First, is it consistent that she believes that abortion is morally acceptable for other women and not her? Second, is the patient counselor allowed to urge to terminate the pregnancy? Lastly, how much of a say should the father have in the decision to terminate the pregnancy? First, is the patient, Nancy’s, position is consistent? The case is assuming that since Nancy previously had an abortion, that she does not condemn or find abortion morally reprehensible. Assuming this is true, It is consistent
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