The Negative Effects of Abortion

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“A review of eight American studies revealed a 50% increased risk of placenta previa after an abortion”(Abortion Complications). An abortion is when a women that is pregnant decides that she cannot take care, or provide for a baby. In the U.S. approximately 652,659 abortion procedures were performed in 2014(Abortion Statistics). Abortions are detrimental to women’s health; abortions have caused women to have depression, an increase in hospitalizations after abortions, and an increase in suicide post abortion. Many studies prove this claim that abortions are detrimental.
After women have an abortion, they can be diagnosed with depression. Multiple studies have proven that women post-abortion are likely to have depression also with other mental issues. Many women have participated in studies that show more women will experience regret, depression, and anxiety. Another piece of evidence to support my claim is “Research published in The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry in January has shown that even women without past mental health problems are at risk of psychological ill-effects after abortion”(McDonagh). The abortions cause women to feel like they have abandoned something and many will feel regret which will cause other psychological problems. Nearly one in five women report dissatisfaction, regret, or sadness(Bower). Having an abortion is caused women pain psychologically and mentally.
Many women can be admitted to a hospital for number of reasons resulting of
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