Abortion And Gender Analysis

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After the end of The World War II, many changes have taken place in the American politics and the general shape and working of the government. The basis of this is due to ideologies of gender, sexuality, and family. Social welfare of citizens has been a key player to these changes. Male humanism, which made male gender seem to be superior to the feminism, has been a critical issue since the end of The World War II. Amendments have taken place to accommodate these changes in the constitution. The problem of family and sexuality matters has come into the discussion, and all ideas have been brought into consideration. These obvious and outstanding factors that come out are the equality of male and female gender. Also, social welfare matters for…show more content…
Initially, it was considered as murder, and the church has always been in the forefront to condemn it. After much consultations and discussions by the federal and state government and also the participation of the public, it came to the realization that at some point it was inevitable to avoid abortion as the life of the mother could be at risk. Some states have their policies which determine the manner by which abortion is supposed to be conducted, but the state government has put policies that abortion is legal with several conditions being held regarding the procedure and the condition of the mother or the child (Scott, 1999). The family has also been affected in either positive or negative way and sometimes adverse effects come along with abortion and before it was legalized. The topic had been totally politicized, and that is why it was important for each state to lay down its regulations and stipulations through an agreement by all…show more content…
Although there were some objections from many sources, the law has already been passed, and policies concerning this issue have been laid down (Orloff, 1996). Thus, both the federal and the state have no objection, and families are made of either couple of the same sex or different sex, and also polygamy has been accepted even though a nuclear family was initially advocated for. In conclusion, many changes have taken place regarding the ideas based on gender, sexuality and even matters concerning the family. This has had an effect in the political arena and the policies made by the federal governments and also the state to accommodate all these changes. Of important to observe is how there has been equality between men and women and the superiority of the male gender have slowly been passed by time and women have been empowered to match their counterparts in all

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