Abortion: Bible's Presence For Pro-Life

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Part 1: Abortion: Biblical stance for pro-life
Several passages throughout the Bible support the pro-life position on abortion. First the focus will be on the relationship that God has with the unborn. In Jeremiah 1:4-5 God calls to Jeremiah proclaiming “before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you.” These two verses focus on the relationship God has with human beings by showing how He knows them before birth. In Psalms 139:13-16 David is praising God for forming his inward parts, and knitting him together in the womb. This also represents the relationship that God has with the unborn and how He establishes the days of his children when those days have yet to start. Psalms 22:9-10 states, “you are
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Genesis 9:6 states that whoever sheds the blood of man, by man must his blood shed because human beings mirror the image of God. Also the sin of child sacrifice is one of the leading reasons that the Assyrians take over the Kingdom of Israel and send the Israelites into exile. 2 Kings 17:17-18 further explains how the Assyrians remove the Israelites from the land for sacrificing their sons and daughters as offerings. Repeatedly the Bible bans the shedding of innocent blood, and the most innocent being of all is an unborn child. The purpose and effects of abortion are that it sheds the blood of the innocent, thus abortion is biblically…show more content…
Wade court case decided that a woman’s right to decided whether to have an abortion was protected by an individuals right to privacy because the right to privacy was protected by the 14th amendment. Also it says that abortion must be allowed any time before “fetal viability”. Roe v. Wade is unjust and unconstitutional for several different reasons. Dr. Horatio R. Storer states, “Physicians have now arrived at the unanimous decision that the foetus in the utero is alive from the very moment of conception.” The book Storer wrote about this was published in 1866 while Roe v. Wade happened several years later in 1973 therefore “fetal viability” would be at conception. The constitution requires that as individuals law shall protect our rights, but in Roe v. Wade they said that the unborn is excluded from the protection of the law. The unborn are actually human beings though who have a complete set of chromosomes needed to be a human at conception and a even a heart beat therefore they constitutionally should be protected under the law as well. Roe v. Wade is also constitutionally mistaken. Justice William Rehnquist stated in the disagreeing opinion, “the Court necessarily has had to find within the scope of the Fourteenth Amendment a right that was apparently completely unknown to the drafters of the Amendment.” This statement proves that point that the court made a huge reach in trying to say the 14th amendment allows a right to privacy that also contains the right to

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