Abortion Clinic Pros And Cons

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In this article, the author talks about abortion and how the last clinic standing is not going down without a fight. Abortion to me is something I believe we should keep because every women is entitled to make their own choice in life. There shouldn’t be a person to tell a women what they can or cannot do with their body. In my opinion some people make mistakes or maybe it was terrible timing, but things do happen. I would rather have the option for someone to go to a clinic rather than hurting themselves for trying to do it with no help. In Kentucky there are groups of people standing outside an abortion clinic for it not to shut down. “The only abortion clinic still standing is the EMW Women 's Surgical Center in Louisville - co-founded by Wells in 1981. But the state is threatening to shut it down, claiming deficiencies in its licensing paperwork” (Holly). Once the clinic shuts down Kentucky would office be the first state with no abortion clinic.…show more content…
Their are people there with signs, and posters that say “Murder in the first degree” or “Honey, change your mind. Darling, you don 't want to do this" and many more. A man that is one of the people who is holding the sign drives three hours just to be there everyday. He said that he does not mind waking up at three in the morning just to stand there all day because it’s making a difference. "There were five abortion mills in Kentucky when we started back in the early '90s. And now the Lord has answered -- this is the last remaining abortion mill, not only in Louisville, but also in Kentucky," Street says (Holly). Many people in Kentucky are super excited to see it shut down and to them finally not having a place where they can murdered

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