Abortion: Debates Between Pro-Choice And Pro Life

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Imagine yourself at twelve years old, getting brutally attacked by someone you thought was going to protect you forever and was family. Then you end up pregnant by someone you thought was very close to you, you either have to live knowing the fact that your family member has raped you and you have to raise a child that you didn’t have a part in making or terminate the pregnancy. On average a woman is pregnant for 38 weeks. However, what if the woman makes the decision that she doesn’t want to follow through with the pregnancy? If a woman or a child decides to no longer be pregnant, abortion is a popular way to terminate a pregnancy. There can be many health issues that may occur in some women that will cause them sickness throughout the pregnancy…show more content…
Debates between Pro-Choice and Pro-Life have been going on for decades. Since the beginning of human civilization the process of terminating a pregnancy has been practiced, by the mid 1800’s many people thought it to be murder and it should be stopped. By 1880 abortion had been banned in the United States through the process of protesting state legislatures. Even though abortions have been outlawed they still were being done illicitly and illegally. In the 19th century all surgical procedures, including abortion were very risky. At that time hospitals weren’t commons, most respected doctors had little medical education. Once abortion was illegal in the United States of America, women started to leave and move foreign countries where abortions were still being performed properly. Many women in the United States started to challenge the law, but none of them was successful. In March of 1970, a woman named Norma McCorvey wanted to have an abortion due to the fact, she was a pregnant single woman. Norma McCorvey changed her name to Jane Roe because she didn’t want anybody to know her name, being said she filed a law suit in Dallas, Texas when Henry Wade was Texas district attorney during this time. In knowing her story and why she decided to get an abortion she eventually won the case because the law was declared a violation to the right to personal liberty promises by the Fourteenth Amendment.

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