Abortion Doesn T Kill People's Rights

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You can hear the constant arguing in the distance. You’re just trying to head to your next class, but you see students bombarding a speaker. Curiosity has you hooked so you decide to go check it out and from a distance you notice large posters that say “Abortion kills babies!” In this scenario you are pro-choice, do you walk up and protest it by expressing your views and belittling theirs? Or do you keep walking understanding that people have opposing views on some things and they are allowed to express their thoughts through the first amendment?

People in this country have a constitutional right to practice free expression with few limits such as fighting words, true threats, defamation, incitement of lawless action, and obscenity. People do not have the right to silence others in a public venue. In recent years, conservative speakers have been threatened had their events stormed or shut down by students protesting the event of a violent and disruptive manner. Milo Yiannopoulos was shut down at UC Berkeley because many of the students there did not agree with his conservative viewpoint.
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As if their mind isn’t knowledged enough to understand or believe the concepts they believe in and it’s unfair for that to be done, because if their views are opposed it’s horrible and it makes them angry, but if they don’t agree with the other person then the other people aren’t
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