Abortion Ethical Dilemma

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Abortion is one of the ethical dilemmas which our society is facing for years and there are many deep arguments about abortion for those who support and against it. The issue of abortion can be contentious and underage abortion can be more contentious among the parents. Adolescence is the phase of both physical and emotional development as they are starting to build up their own identity and autonomy. During abortion stage, adolescents may experience depression or may have suicidal thoughts due to guilt. As mention in the straits times article by Mr Darius Lee, most of the parents think that adolescents are not mature enough to make decisions during emotional state and make choices without thinking about long-term consequences of their action. Furthermore, parents feel that parental consent is important for abortion as it is an invasive surgical procedure and parents can provide more medical details of the child whom is not mindful of their condition.
The issue of abortion is impossible to solve. As a healthcare providers, they are encouraged to do good for the patients but due to certain circumstances they are unable to do good and required to do no harm to the patients. In Singapore Nursing Board under Standard of Practice Statement 3.6, to have critical and reflective thinking to improve the quality of nursing care. Healthcare providers should understand the different aspects of the argument as when adolescents have faced with the ethical dilemma, it will be useful for
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