Abortion In Canada Legal But Not Accessible Pamela Cross

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Pamela Cross is an advocate and a public policy director. Her sponsorship to the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) has influenced her to become a representative for women’s equality, empowerment and sexual health education. In the article “Abortion in Canada: Legal but Not Accessible” (2009), Cross’s main objective is to spread her advocacy and thoughts on abortion to ensure social action towards supporting women’s rights. In addition, her article goes in depth with the many barriers that women face when accessing the medical procedure of abortion. Cross’s main argument in her article is: although abortion has been legalized for many years, services remain inadequate and uncertain about the procedure of abortion. She accentuates, though there are medical intuitions that…show more content…
Through Cross’s article “Abortion in Canada: Legal but Not Accessible”, I will discuss the conflicts of abortion that range across Canada and how it can lead to the reduction of women’s rights and consequently cause harm to a woman’s mental health. I also follow Cross’s example of self-proclamation of pro-choice movements in YWCA and women’s empowerment to ensure a positive attitude towards women’s health. Canada is currently one of very few countries where no legal restrictions on abortions exist today. Since the first criminal law against abortion was enacted within Canada in 1869, regulations and accessibility to abortion have undergone serious changes (Cross 3). Today, the rights and morality of a woman who access abortions are brought into question in both educational and political thought in our nation, since the topic is complex in the nature of a woman’s body, it is in deep importance of Canadian history and current politics relating to sexuality. For the next 18 years after abortion laws were placed, women suffered under endangerment of criminalization; those who wished to get an abortion

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