Abortion In David Wallace's Hills Like White Elephants

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In 1973, the Supreme Court made a ruling on the Roe v. Wade case which would grant women the right to legally have an abortion. The ruling made that day has become of the most renowned and debated decisions our Supreme Court would ever make. Even though the operation has been legal since 1973, the controversy surrounding it has not come to a conclusion. In David Wallace’s story “Good People” you get to experience first hand, just how debilitating abortion contemplating can be even if you are a good person.“Good People” follows Lane and his girlfriend Sherri, the young Christian couple is expecting a child. As a result of their faith, you witness how it affects them. Also in Ernest Hemingway’s story “Hills Like White Elephants” you see another…show more content…
Religion is the metal detector that guides people throughout the treacherous minefield, we like to call life. If you were to ask Lane Dean from “Good People” he would likely agree with that assessment. Lane once lived a simpler life, but ever since his unplanned pregnancy he has been completely torn. “It was of two great and terrible armies within himself, opposed and facing each other, silent.” (Wallace 153) Lane is so invested in his faith that it is literally tearing him apart. Moreover, it has him unconditionally questioning every aspect of his life, even his faith which has accompanied him thus far. “He was starting to believe that he might not be serious in his faith.” (Wallace 151) To someone that isn’t one hundred percent devoted to their faith it may seem strange, but be assured instances like this are very common in the real world as well. This is all a result of most religions having strict guidelines to follow when it comes to topics such as premarital sex and abortion.

“Premarital sex involves any kind of sexual contact prior to entering into a legal marriage relationship. There are a number of reasons why Scripture and traditional Christianity oppose this. God designed sex to be enjoyed within a committed marital relationship. To remove it from that context is to pervert its use and severely limit its enjoyment.”

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