Abortion Is Inhumane Research Paper

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There are many different arguments that people can make upon the idea if abortion should be legal or not. First of all, abortion can mentally and emotionally scar the women in many ways. Also, having an abortion is inhumane for the woman to do to her baby. Penny Nance said, ““The big secret of abortion, though, is that it not only kills an unborn baby, it scars women physically, emotionally, and mentally forever.” Should a women have the choice in choosing whether she wants her baby or not? Me personally, because of religion, am against the idea of abortion, but if the women really wants an abortion, who am I to tell her she shouldn’t? Whether abortion should be illegal or not, many people oppose abortion because it is inhumane, not safe for…show more content…
Abortion can definitely be compared to murder, you are killing an innocent, non-developed baby. Some women nowadays just get an abortion whenever they get pregnant, if you think about it, this will increase the spread of STD’s if abortion stays legal. Gary Bauer says that “ A 2006 study in the Journal of Legal Studies found that by lowering the cost of sexual activity, legalized abortion encouraged people to engage in more and more reckless sex, prompting an increase in sexually transmitted diseases. Researchers found that abortion was legalized there was up to a 25 percent increase in gonorrhea and syphilis rates across the country.” To include, People that are for abortion would say that if the baby is not fully developed then it 's not really considered murder. It really depends on the stage of the baby, when it has a heartbeat or, as soon the the egg is…show more content…
having an abortion can really scar women mentally and emotionally. When the woman has an abortion they are basically killing their own child. Do you think the mother can live with that? Many women just think that they can just have an abortion if they get pregnant, but some of them don 't think about how hard it is at the moment. Gary Bauer said “A 2009 poll found that of people who knew a woman who had had an abortion, 55 percent said her abortion was a negative experience, and only 33 percent a positive experience.” People can say that if the women is going to have an abortion, they must put careful thought into it before doing it. The truth is, even if they think about the abortion and they go through with it, they will always have the thought of taking an innocent life. Abortion also can lead to some dangerous consequences for the the women to experience. When a women has an abortion there is a chance for her to go through many problems such as depression, leading to drug or alcohol use or in some cases suicide. Penny Nance says that, “Abortion has also been linked with increased chances of depression, doubling chances of breast cancer, ectopic pregnancies, and drug and alcohol abuse. Additionally, women who have an abortion are six times more likely to commit suicide.” This is a solid reason why abortion should be illegal, abortion is not safe at all and can lead to many

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