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An Argument that Abortion is wrong To talk about abortion is a very difficult topic because everyone is playing God. When I refer to everyone that means, politics, philosophers, and religions. I found three very important points of view about abortion. First, the extreme conservative view (held by the Catholic Church); second, the extreme liberal view (held by Singer); and third, the moderate views, which lie between both extremes. Some opponents (anti-abortionists, pro-life activists). I strongly disagree with what the Liberals say that life begins after birth; that sounds too incoherent for me. I belief that the fetus’s life begins after fourteen days from conception. My question to those who are of liberal mind is were you dead for nine…show more content…
The fetus has the right to have a life just like any person does (Don Marquis- A3). Also, I agree that in some cases abortion is acceptable like when a female suffers a rape; she should be able to decide by her self about her body prior to fourteen days. After that if she feel healthy, perhaps she could continue with the pregnancy process and give the baby up for adoption after the baby’s birth. I think that could help the lady in her future both psychologically and morally. Nevertheless, Thompson tried to compare something totally different between the fetus and the violinist issue. The violinist is a person which can decide about his life or someone else, but the fetus nobody can hear what it wants. His/her mother can make choice to carry them for nine months because she decided to get pregnant. She also can decide to abort. So I do not agree with Thomson because I do not agree with abortion except in some very especial circumstances. I believe as a human we have to save live. Abortion should to stop! Be killing innocent’s children. In order to find a reason to do abortion for example a single mother; I highly disagree with this excuse because those mothers’ knows about their situation, why do not prevent to get pregnant? In this case I think those mothers’ are principal responsible to kill innocents children. To me all those

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