Argumentative Essay: Is Abortion Ever Okay?

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Is Abortion ever okay? Murder. The vast majority of the human race believes that murder is wrong. But is abortion perfectly fine in some circumstances? Abortion is murder and it is common sense-or at least it used to be-that murder is wrong. Murder is defined as, “killing another human being with aforethought.” Murder is that a person has thought about killing another living thing and followed through with that action. No mother “accidentally” kills the baby inside of their womb. No mother doesn’t not think about her future actions. A mother thinks about having an abortion, and she thinks about the future of themselves and the future that would be for her child. Though in the end she decides that her future is more important than that of the…show more content…
The article stated, “Prefacing his truth-telling, Shapiro warned: ‘This is going to be mildly graphic,’ he said, ‘but it’s important because I’m sick of euphemisms; It’s not aborting a fetus; it’s not getting rid of a ball of tissue,” As Shapiro defined later in the video, abortion is the murder of “literally the most innocent among us.” Many people say that a woman has a right to choose when she has a baby. Or in other words, she has the right to murder the child that is forming inside of her. Why should a woman be able to kill the baby that she is carrying? That unborn child has done nothing wrong to compel somebody to kill it. They say it is a woman’s right to have a choice about their reproductive systems. On the contrary, if there is already a baby in her womb, she does not have the right to abort it. If she doesn’t want a child, then she shouldn’t have taken part in what would then lead to conception. On the other hand, if a baby is conceived without the consent of the mother, is it okay for her to then abort the baby in that scenario? Or if the baby has a deformation? No, it is not okay to abort a child in any scenario. It is not okay because that baby is still a human being that has a life ahead of it, even though that life may be short in the later scenario. That baby has the right to live and have a chance to make a better life for itself, rather than its…show more content…
Abortion is murder and murder is morally and lawfully wrong. Those babies in the 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasounds are living human beings with the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Just because a woman deems a child as a “burden” or an “inconvenience” does not make it okay for that woman to murder the child that is growing inside of her. The growth of a human being is a truly beautiful and unique event that should have more joy surrounding it. Nowadays, when a woman announces that she is expecting, people ask things like, “What are you going to do?” or “Are you going to keep it?” Murder is one of the worst things that a person can commit, but now in many circles of society, it is celebrated among the new “rights” of

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