Essay On Why Abortion Is Wrong

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A second reason why abortion is wrong is because it deprives the fetus from his future. When we decide to kill a fetus then we are taking away from him a future like ours. The argument is as follows : (1) it is impermissible to kill humans, who if lived, would have a future like ours, (2) if abortion is not done, the fetus would have future as we do have, (3) so it is wrong to kill the fetus (4) therefore abortion is impermissible. A similar argument was given by Don Marquis in his article “Why Abortion is Immoral”. He stated that what makes killing wrong is neither the effect on the murder, nor the effect on the victim’s relatives or friends, but the effect is on the victim himself. The loss of life is a great lose one can suffer from. The loss of life deprives the individual from experiences, projects, activities and enjoyments that would have been part of his/her future. So killing is wrong because it deprives the individual from his future. Therefore abortion is impermissible because it will deprive the fetus from his/her future. Third reason why abortion is impermissible is because it punishes the innocent fetus. The fetus should not be killed just because his/her parents were irresponsible. The fetus did not take the decision that his/ her parents would have sex or use contraception methods that are not very effective. The fetus is totally innocent and should not be punished. Each case can be analyzed to show that abortion is impermissible. In the case of…show more content…
The baby even if in the very early stages of lifetime, has a right to life, a purpose and a future, and should not be punished. Each of us was a zygote and then grew up in to a person. This person is a unique one, a part of the society, living his life and has future plans and of course glad that he was felt worth and given a chance to be

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