Abortion Moral Choice

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Every human being deserves a chance at life. People believe that it is acceptable to murder a child while it has not been born. Unborn babies need a voice. Abortion is a controversial and hard topic to talk about. The biggest dispute of the topic is whether or not people should have the right to choose, Pro Life or Pro Choice. People argue that depending on the circumstances of the mother and how she conceived the baby, it is her right to choose if it lives or dies. Others believe that no matter how you became pregnant, you should keep the baby. Abortion is not morally right because people are willingly killing an innocent child. An abortion is the intentional end of a pregnancy (WebMD). Aborting a baby is wrong because it is murder, the baby is innocent, it is against God 's will, and there are many other options when it comes to not wanting a child. There are two types of abortion. There is medical abortion,which uses medications to end a pregnancy. There is surgical, which is where they go in vaginally and use tools to end the pregnancy (Lowen). If someone is going to have an abortion, they should go to a medical professional. An abortion done the right way is in the best interest of the mom because if later on down the road she decides to have a baby there is a decreased chance of infertility and infection. Both of the ways are not morally right bc it is still killing a child. Any act related to murder is wrong. No civilized society permits one person to
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