Abortion Should Be Banned Essay

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Is The Twenty Week Abortion Ban Wrong? For many women who are pregnant, and anticipating the birth of their baby it can be a very exciting but a little scary. You have tests with the o.b. ultra sound’s, and blood work. Many hope for the best, while preparing for the babies birth. Is It a Boy? Is it a girl? What would we name the baby? While all these things are very exciting there are things going on inside the woman’s pregnant body the hormones from the pregnancy. The woman is growing a human being. While there is much debate about when a fetus is human, and what abortion activists believe there is no clear answer for anyone in that debate. I am a mother of four beautiful children all boys and all were mostly healthy at birth. There are many who are not that lucky whose babies are sick for a really long time. Sometimes they predict that the baby may even die at birth. Some women have a difficult choice, do I continue the pregnancy or do I terminate and move on with my life? While I am lucky I never had to make that choice for myself, I don’t believe I would have chosen the termination route if there had been. I can’t judge the women who have had to make that difficult decision. I am against abortion I feel it is…show more content…
The baby may die when it is only a few minutes old, if it survived it would have many surgeries over many years, and may have to be on a ventilator. Jennifer, the author, wrote that she got two medical opinions, and she herself is an OB-gyn. She chose for herself and her families sake to end the pregnancy. She stated in the article that the government made a law after this had happened in her life, to ban 20 week abortions. She wants to help other women who have found themselves in similar situations to be able to have the same
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