Abortion Persuasive Essay Against Adoption

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Maddie Mandanis English 10H Wojcik 10/19/15 Persuasive Essay against Abortion Even animals have rights today, yet the unborn are not protected. We live in a society where everyone and everything has the right to be defended and acknowledged but abortion is legal. Since abortion was legalized in 1973, we have lost a whole generation of people. This equates to roughly fifty million innocent lives and counting that have been taken because a pregnancy was a mistake or was unwanted. While many people find abortion to be the quick and easy fix to an unwanted pregnancy, abortion has negative effects on both the baby, and society itself. I believe that the American public has been deceived into thinking that unborn babies are not considered human beings. Referring to unborn babies as "fetus," or "embryos," may be scientifically or politically correct, but it does not change the fact that these little ones are living beings and not blobs of tissue as so often described. A living human begins to exist at the moment of conception, even …show more content…

That means that for each baby, there are thirty-six couples available to adopt. I can personally attest to how much of a blessing adoption is; as my sister was adopted into my family 9 years ago. By choosing adoption over abortion, my sisters birth mother gave my parents the opportunity to have more children when they could not . She also gave my sister a wonderful childhood and a loving family who loves her more than anything. Although adoptive parents do not have a biological connection with the child, they nurture and cherish the baby just the same. Many adopted children grow up with the understanding that they were loved enough by their biological mother to be given to adoptive parents. I believe that adoption is psychologically healthier than abortion as it can cause a great deal more trauma and

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