Abortion Persuasive Speech

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When many people hear about babies they think cute nosed little human beings, but others think differently. Getting accidentally pregnant has become a popular situation throughout the whole U.S. We see this in tv shows, social media, and even movies, but what we don’t see is the outcome of some of these pregnancies, abortions. Accidental pregnancies shouldn’t end with killing an innocent baby by abortion, it’s a cruel and inhuman thing to do. Killing a baby that didn’t have the fault for anything is so heartbreaking to hear. First of all, you’re killing a tiny baby, your baby. A little human being that is from you and doesn’t know anything yet. The baby didn’t have anything to do with the choices his or her parents made. If people don’t…show more content…
There is always a family waiting to adopt a cute baby to call their own. It’s also a better solution because you’re giving someone who actually wants a baby, a baby. You’re giving a child a better future to grow up with parents that actually love him or her. According to American Adoptions, there has been “1 adoption for every 149 abortions”. This shows how many lives been killed other then that one life that has been given a better future. 149 babies could’ve had a better future with people that loved them, but sadly their mothers chose to abort…show more content…
Many times the person getting this done is scared because they don’t know the first things on how to take care of a baby. It’s fine that people are scared that they have a baby inside of them, but they can’t go ahead and make rational decisions. Sometimes these things can go wrong and you just ended up hurting yourself without thinking it over. Even if people think this over it does seem better to get it done, because you don’t need any restrictions for 9 months, or doctor appointments. Either way it’s up to the parents to decide what to get done or what not to get
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